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DEVIDENT Dental Clinic

Greetings at the website of DEVIDENT dental clinic – a healthcare institution equipped with the most advanced and perfect dental facilities. Our clinic is situated in Prague 10 district and in the center of Příbram. We provide the full specter of dental services and engage individual approach to each patient.

Because of first-class dental equipment and progressive methods of treatment and materials, we always offer high-quality services – from screening, X-ray diagnostics and compilation of a detailed treatment plan to denture.

Our dentists will also make careful teeth bleaching for you and professional oral hygiene, which helps to prevent the formation of tooth decay and gum disease.

Our main point is health of our patients, so specialists of DEVIDENT clinic carry out full and thorough examination, and suggest several most optimal ways of treatment when detected problems. We devote as much time for each patient, as it is needed for reaching high-grade result.

10 Reasons to Choose DEVIDENT Clinic:

  • Procedures are as painless as possible
  • Individual approach to each patient
  • Full specter of services for children and adults
  • Sterility and reliable protection against infections
  • Regular professional training of specialists
  • Advanced equipment and progressive technologies
  • Collaboration with all insurance companies
  • Consideration of your financial capabilities
  • Any convenient time reception, including Saturday
  • Parking nearby available

20.04.2016 Soon we will open for you to own a fully equipped dental laboratory that will provide the ability to quickly and accurately make the whole range of works on prosthetics.

18.04.2016 In the city Pribram will be opened department of dental surgery for emergency dental care.

15.04.2016 From May 1, within three months, the head doctor Dimitrij Tkalych will be working 3 days a week in the town of Pribram.