Prophylactic Dentistry

  • Intraoral teeth examination and production of pictures
  • Panoramic dental pictures

    Therapeutic Dentistry

    • Treatment of tooth decay
    • Treatment of pulpitis, periodontitis

      Prosthetic Dentistry

      • Crowns
      • Dental bridges
      • Veneers
      • Dentures

        Surgical Dentistry

        • Teeth extraction (if treatment is ineffective)
        • Wisdom teeth extraction
        • Operations related to orthodontic treatment

          Dental Implantology

          • Dental implantation

            Pediatric Dentistry

            • Full check-up
            • Keenness and care for children

              Dental Hygiene

              • Removal of plaque, tartar, pigmentation
              • Teeth hygiene by AirFlow method
              • Instruction on oral hygiene
              • Selection of applicable products for tooth care


                • Professional clinical bleaching
                • Home bleaching