Prices DEVIDENT s.r.o.

Service Price
Initial inspection Compensated by insurance
Periodic screening twice a year Compensated by insurance
Digital intraoral picture and panoramic tomography (OPG) Compensated by insurance
Pictures description Compensated by insurance
Local anesthesia Compensated by insurance
Tooth extraction Compensated by insurance
Tooth decay treatment (amalgam) Compensated by insurance
Light-curing (white) filling (neck) 1100,-
Light-curing composite 1300-1800,-
Tooth restoration (with light-curing composite) 1800,-
Root canal treatment (1 canal) 1500,-
Professional clinical bleaching 5000,-
Home bleaching 4800,-
Complete hygiene 1000,-
AirFlow 1200,-
Non-metal crown (IPS e.max) 6700,-
Inlay, onlay, overlay fillings (IPS e.max) 6700,-
Non-metal crown (zirconium oxide) 7500,-
Metal-ceramic crown 5500,-
Veneers 80-10000,-
Crown faced with light-curing composite 4200,-
Fully removable denture Compensated by insurance
NeoBiotech dental implant от 10000,-
*Prices of our services presented on the website are for information only. You will get the detailed treatment plan and calculation after the consultation with your attending physician and X-ray diagnostics.